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Small treasures! These lovely earrings feature 6mm black Onyx and 5mm New Lander Turquoise stones. They compliment each other in color and size and are  framed in  soft satin patina silver. They measure 2 inches from the top of the ear wire.  These earrings would pair perfectly with the small heart and NewLander Turquoise pendant in my store!

Sterling Silver, black Onyx and New Lander Turquoise Earrings

  • New Lander Turquoise is mined in Lander County Nevada. It is  technically classified as Chalcosiderite which is a hard naturally occuring mineral that comes in a variety of blue, green and yellow hues. The aspect that attracts me to this stone is the "webbing"...all the tiny spider veins. and spots.  It is not dyed or stabilized other than a backing on the stones. It is highly valued in the turquoise market due to its beauty and limited availability. It is ethically mined and sourced from a reliable Turquoise seller. 

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