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Reticulated silver with wire wheel crowns blackened to appear a little gothic. The sparkle of rose cut strawberry quartz brings a contrasting elegance to these wild beauties! Unusual and artistic, they will complete the appearance as the unique  wild beauty that is you!  They measure 2 1/8 inches from the top of the ear wire and are fairly light in weight. 

Strawberry quartz and silver earrings

  • Reticulated silver is a process of heating and melting sterling silver with a torch,  repeatedly, pickling and cleaning in between each application of heat. In this process, the fine silver  rises to the top and can be melted into curvey, swirling and kind of wrinkled patterns. It is spontaneous and somewhat unpredictable which can be really delightful and so unique! I love the look of it, especially when oxidized with a dark patina and a polished surface to enhance the wild textures I have achieved.  I have a lot of fun adding this element to my pieces. Adding cut gemstones add a juxtaposing quality to the artwork.

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